Governors help to make school policy, they must meet at least once a term and may serve for a four year period. Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities, they can only act together, they cannot act as individuals.

Our Governors

Lee Williams

Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

Appointment body: Parent
Date of appointment: June 2017
Term of Office: 4 years
Attendance Record 2016-2017: 1/1 meetings 
Attendance Record 2017-2018: 3/4 meetings
Attendance Record 2018-2019: 3/4 meetings
Attendance Record 2019-2020: 5/6 meetings

We have lived in Warmington since March 2016, our son attended pre-school and is now in Badgers; we recognised from a very early stage what a special place the school and all of the people in it are, we have received great support and a very warm welcome since day one, when I saw that there was an opportunity to give something back I felt obliged to do so.

I am an engineering manager now working at a senior regional level and have gained much experience over my career particularly in training and development which is something that is very important to me, I have spent a considerable amount of time working to develop and support apprenticeships.  I am also a qualified Health and Safety Manger, with responsibility for managing risk in dangerous working environment, alongside this, I manage budgetary requirements for multiple 3rd party contracts.

Lee Williams 


Gordon Blair

Vice-Chair of Governors
Parent Governor
Attendance Record 2018-2019: 2/4 meetings
Attendance Record 2019-2020: 6/6 meetings
Safeguarding Governor
Link Governor for PE and Sports Premium
I became a Warmington School Governor because I believe that the school is the heart of the Warmington community, and I hope that I can influence the direction the school will grow and develop.
I honestly believe that a school should give a child opportunities and encourage creativity. I will listen to parents, teachers, members of the community and through meetings voice the opinions of the concerned.
I am a keen sportsman (some might say slightly competitive), and I believe that the school should encourage all sports throughout every year.
Any school should be the safest place for a child grow and I know I can bring an element of safeguarding from my professional career.
I will fully support the head teacher and hopefully see the school continue to flourish.

Gordon Blair
 Gordon Blair 2

Bobbie Turton

Sadly, Bobbie passed away during the half-term holiday and we extend our heartfelt condolences to Bobbie's family at such a difficult time. Bobbie was a much-loved and cherished member of the Governing Body and a wonderful advocate and champion for Warmington School and for Early Years in the school.
She will be very much missed by us all.
 0009 Bobbie Turton 

Ed Carlyle

Executive Headteacher
Member of Resources Committee                
Member of Standards Committee
Appointment body:  Staff
Date of appointment: January 2017
Term of Office: 4 years
Attendance Record 2016-2017: 4/4 meetings
Attendance Record 2017-2018: 4/4 meetings

Attendance Record 2018-2019: 4/4 meetings

Attendance Record 2019-2020: 5/6 meetings


My name is Ed Carlyle and I am proud to be the Executive Headteacher of both Titchmarsh Primary School and  Warmington School. I have been teaching for 25 years with more than 10 years experience in senior leadership positions and can rightly say that Warmington School is a unique and inspiring environment for children to learn and thrive in. I am looking forward to working with everyone in the school community during my time with you and would like to welcome you to come and visit us.

Away from school, I like to travel, play badminton and tennis and to read!

Ed Carlyle

 Ed Carlyle 2

Mikayla Aldous

Head of School

Member of Resources Committee
Appointment body: Staff 
Date of appointment: July 2020
Term of Office: 4 years
 Miss Aldous


Lucy Fitton

Co-Opted Governor

Link Governor for Literacy

Member of Standards Committee

Date of Appointment: October 2019

Term of Office: 4 years

Attendance Record 2019-2020: 5/5 meetings

I became a Governor because I have a keen interest in Warmington School and hope to help the school continue to grow and develop. I have been a Primary School teacher for 14 years and feel I can offer something from an educational background. I am keen to create links with other parents to form a relationship between parents and governors. Having lived in Warmington for most of my life, I am very happy to support such a friendly village school.


Jemma Leslie-Corragio

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: June 2020

Term of Office: 4 years

Attendance Record 2019-2020: 1/1 meetings

( to follow) 

Jane Davies

Co-Opted Governor

Date of Appointment: June 2020

Term of Office: 4 years

Attendance Record 2019-2020: 1/1 meetings

(to follow)


Governor Vacancies

We are currently seeking two Parent Governors.


Clerk - Emma Stephens-Dunn


Events Looking Ahead

15 Jun
PWS Welcome Talk for Year 6 and Parents
Date Tue, 15th Jun, 2021 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
23 Jun
Sports Morning (tbc)
Wed, 23rd Jun, 2021 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
29 Jun
New Hedgehogs Induction Evening
Tue, 29th Jun, 2021 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
1 Jul
PWS Move-Up for Year 6
Thu, 1st Jul, 2021 - Fri, 2nd Jul, 2021
5 Jul
Govilon Week for Year 6 (tbc)
Mon, 5th Jul, 2021 - Fri, 9th Jul, 2021
16 Jul
School Closes For Summer
Fri, 16th Jul, 2021
19 Jul
Summer Break
Mon, 19th Jul, 2021 - Tue, 31st Aug, 2021
19 Jul
Staff Training Days (disaggregated)
Mon, 19th Jul, 2021 - Tue, 20th Jul, 2021
1 Sep
Training Day 1
Wed, 1st Sep, 2021
2 Sep
Training Day 2
Thu, 2nd Sep, 2021

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