Welcome to Foxes

We are the Year 1 and 2 class with Miss Aldous and Mrs Hazell.

We are also taught on a Wednesday by Madame Kernick for French, Mrs Dunkley for SPAG and Science as well as Ms Ransom for P.E.

This term we are...

This term, we are learning all about Dinosaurs! 

We will  be focusing on a range of books this term through home learning, starting with The Day the Crayons Quit. 

Mrs Hazell would like to share a story with you this week, 15th June:


From Monday 8th June, some year 1s will be back in the classrom. 

The classroom looks a little different but a similar learning routine to your home learning will be in place. Some of you may be feeling a little nervous about coming back so I have recorded a little video to show you how it will work as you first come into school. I hope it helps. 

Thank you to Mrs Dunkley for being my director. 



Please explore our blog to see our learning journey: 


For home learning, planning and resources, please go to the home learning tab under classes. Many Thanks


 Well done on your first week of home learning Foxes. I have recorded a little video to say hello, here:

View the embedded image gallery online at: