Staff at Warmington

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Find out more about the staff of Warmington. What would we be doing if we were not following our Plan A's! Click on a name to see a hand drawn picture!

Teaching Staff at Warmington School
Ed Carlyle Executive Head teacher
Plan A  Executive headteacher of 2 outstanding schools
Plan B  Headteacher of schools that are as great as this one
Plan Z  Tea Taster
Mikayla Aldous  Head of School &  Y5&6 Class teacher
Plan A
The best Year 5 & 6 teacher
Plan B Professional photographer
Plan Z Inner city Taxi driver
Anne MacKenzie
 Early Years & Foundation Stage teacher
Plan A An outstanding Foundation Stage Leader
Plan B To be Chrissie Hynde
Plan Z Painter on the Forth Bridge
Zoe Kemp Y1 & 2 Class teacher 
Plan A An inspiring and fun teacher for the Fantastic Foxes!
Plan B  A social worker
Plan Z A falconer
Catherine Ibotson  Y3 & 4 Class teacher
Plan A  The best year 3 & 4 teacher
Plan B Lawyer
Plan Z Long distance lorry driver
- KS2 Teaching Assistant
Plan A An outstanding HLTA
Plan B Penguin keeper on the Galapagos islands
Plan Z Chef at Michelin starred restaurant
Sarah Campo   Teaching, Breakfast and Afterschool Club Assistant
Plan A TA at a wonderful village school
Plan B Interpreter European union
Plan Z A Florist
Nicki Dunkley Teaching and Breakfast Club assistant 
Plan A Teaching assistant extraordinaire
Plan B Outstanding teacher
Plan Z Landscape gardener
Hazel Turner Teaching assistant and lunchtime supervisor 
Plan A  Best Lunchtime Supervisor in Northamptonshire
Plan B Own and run a florist
Plan Z Cleaning out lions in a Zoo
Steve Tranmer PE teacher
Nathalie Kernick French teacher
Shelley Griffiths Teaches Foxes and Red Kites
Amy Kruger-Dean Early Years Assistant
Jenny Smith Early Years Assistant
Molly Rigby Early Years Assistant
Francesca Sallabanks 1:1 Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Jennie Herrick Lunchtime Supervisor & After School Club Assistant
Louise Guy  School Administrator/ Bursar
Plan A The Bursar of a brilliant village school
Plan B Vet
Plan Z Apprentice for Alan Sugar



School Cleaning Staff
Mrs Howe and Ms Wells help us to keep our school clean and ready for us to learn in!

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